6 Fun Things To Do In Medford Oregon

Bear Creek Bike Path
Bear Creek Bike Path

Everyone always complains that there is nothing to do in Medford. The reality of the situation is that there are lots of fun things to do in Medford. Below are some fun things to do in Medford Oregon.

1. Bear Creek Bike Path

The bike path stretches all the way from Ashland to Central Point and there are lots of entrance points in Medford. The bike path is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy nature. Walk, run, bike, skateboard you way along Bear Creek. You can even take your dog on the nice long walk he has been begging you to do.

2. Get A Beer

There are a wide variety of bars you can visit in Medford and they are all very different. You have the local taverns all the way up to the swanky hipster hang outs. My favorites include Elements which offers upscale tapas and bar. Howies which is just a fun place to go with all of its personality. And I love going to Porters for happy hour and sitting outside in the patio.

3. Visit A Park

There are parks scattered all over Medford. There are some smaller parks which have nothing more than a couple of picnic tables. Others offer tennis and basketball courts. Others have play grounds. And there are a couple of water parks for the kids as well.

4. Join A Sports Team

The city of Medford offers all kinds of different sports leagues through out the entire year with softball being one of the most popular. In fact I believe there were something like 112 different softball teams last year. But they also offer soccer, volley ball and basket ball.

5. Take A Class

There are all kinds of classes being offered through out Medford. Rogue Community College (RCC) offers all kinds of classes on a variety of topics. The city of Medford also offers a variety of classes. But there are also lots of non-profits and other businesses that offer free and paid classes.

6. High School Events

If you are budget conscious when it comes to things to do I would highly suggest checking out the local high schools to see what’s happening and when. For a few bucks you can often time get into see a play or sporting event.

There you have it. Six fun things to do in Medford Oregon. Most of them are free. And the few that you do have to pay for are minimal in cost. There is plenty more to do in Medford as well. You just need to put your mind to work and I am sure you will come up with all kinds of good ideas for fun things to do. Keep in mind you don’t gave to limit yourself to just Medford. There are plenty of things to do in all of the other cities in Southern Oregon as well.


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