Summer Holiday In Matakana

Summer Holiday In Matakana
Summer Holiday In Matakana

After a long winter without many public holidays to break up the monotony New Zealanders look forward to their summer holidays with much anticipation, especially as this is also when Christmas is celebrated making for a festive summer holiday.

If you are looking for a great place to spend some time over the Christmas break, you should consider the Matakana Coast.

Situated approximately an hour north of Auckland this area has many diverse things to see and do during the summer months, so once you have settled yourself into your Matakana accommodation, head out and find some of these great things.

A must for any visitor to the region is, of course, the wine tours the region is well known for its numerous boutique and family vineyards as well as the larger estates. You can either participate in one of the organized events arranged by several companies in the area, a great idea if your entire party want to participate in the tasting. You’ll visit vineyards such as Goldridge Estate, Ascension Wines and Herons Flight.

As the name suggests Matakana is on the coast, which means there are plenty of water based activities to take advantage of during your stay, perhaps a day fishing sounds like your idea of bliss or just cruising around on a charter is more your thing, water taxis are also available to if you need to pop back to Auckland without the drive, or take a ride of the glass bottom boat out to Goat Island Marine Reserve where you can also go snorkeling and diving in the ‘coastal aquarium’ as it has so aptly been dubbed.

If arts and crafts are something you enjoy, then Matakana has plenty to keep your enthused. For many years artists have made this region their home due in no small part to the inspiring countryside. Many of the vineyards have works on display from local artists in their cellar shops or cafes, or you can wander around the galleries or by car you can visit the likes of Morris and James and Zealandia. If you would like to combine wine with art then the brick Bay Sculpture trail will suit you to a ‘T’, a leisurely 2km walk, taking about an hour, guides you along some 40 strategically placed sculptures allowing you to take in the view, the art and the wine. A perfect combination.

Of course, no holiday is complete without a little bit of relaxation, and what better way to relax than at your Matakana accommodation, sleep in, enjoy the tranquility of the setting, soak up some sun by the pool and catch up on some reading. The perfect way to finish your summer holiday.


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