HolidayIQ Indonesia, A Place Where I Can Learn Indonesia Better

For traveler, like me, collecting as many information as possible about the destination I’m about to visit is important. It can really help me enjoy my visit and sometimes even save from bad things. The internet has given enough spaces for travelers to help other by sharing their travel experiences and guides.

Right now I’m planning my 3rd visit to Indonesia, this time I will be visiting Yogyakarta. A cultural city, a place where the second Royal Wedding was held few months ago. A historical territory with active volcano and hundreds years old temple. And I have found the right places to learn about Yogyakarta, and other destinations in Indonesia.

HolidayIQ Indonesia
HolidayIQ Indonesia

HolidayIQ, was originally started in India. Now this traveler community has also launched their Indonesian site. Fun! Here I can found lots of information on Indonesian destinations, hotels, things to do and even weather. The awesome part of this site is actually their reviews, my Yogyakarta Hotel booking was based on the reviews I found on this site. So if you’re planning to travel to Indonesia, you might want to check HolidayIQ Indonesia for your references.

ps. the site is in Indonesian, you might need Google Translate 😀


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