Best Deals For Hot Spring Resorts in Taiwan

Hot Spring Resorts in Taiwan

Taipei is one of the cities of Taiwan. It is a very good place to holiday in for those who love the action of the big city. Taiwan is a place with a lot of sulfur springs, spas and hotels. One of the popular sulfur pits is Bei Tou. Bei Tou is on top of a mountain near to Yang Ming Mountain National Park. There are a lot of cheap hotels at Bei Tou. Travel agents also like to sell the hot spring resorts at Bei Tou in their vacation packages.

Their hot spring resort is like a chalet, each chalet is three stories high with four bedrooms and a kitchen. There is a basement an each chalet that houses a natural stone tub hot spring. Besides our own personal hot spring, we can enjoy a variety of hot springs at the resort. There are natural hot spring made into a swimming pool like complex with waterfall. There are also hot springs with Jacuzzi built into the hot spring.

The chalet also have an activity where we can cook eggs in the hot spring and eat the eggs that we cooked ourselves. There are also dining facilities, massage parlor and swimming pool at the resorts. The resorts are all on the mountains, therefore the temperature can be down to ten degrees Celsius in the day. It is very cooling with heavy fog at night.

Holiday makers going to Bei Tou to enjoy the hot spring can also consider making a trip to Yang Ming Mountain National Park. This National Park boast of a huge diversity of flora and fauna. It is also a great place to go hiking. After hiking, we can enjoy a fantastic view of the whole park at their lookout tower on top of the mountain.

After enjoying the natural tranquility of the Yang Ming Mountain National Park and the hot springs at Bei Tou, we can liase with our travel agents to include some city highlights in our vacation package in Taiwan. Taipei is the best place to go for holiday makers who love shopping and good food.


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