Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia, furthermore, Tallinn is the oldest capital in Northern Europe being first marked on the world map in 1154 by an Arabian geographer called al-Idrisi. At the heart of Tallinn lies one of the most authentically preserved medieval city centers in Europe – the Old Town of Tallinn, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

The Old Town is rounded by a 2-kilometers-long route along the old city wall and its 26 watchtowers. The sights well worth visiting in the area are also a Dominican monastery built in 1246, the 600-year-old Gothic Town Hall Square and one of the oldest still active pharmacies in Europe found on the Town Hall Square in the center of the Old Town.

There is also numerous churches in the Old Town worth visiting. St. Olaf’s church, for example, with its 159m high spire was reportedly the tallest building in the world from the15th until the 16th century. To enjoy unforgettable and enchanting views of the Old Town visit the viewing platforms on top of St. Olaf’s church, the Town Hall building and the Toompea hill, all located in the very heart of the city. On the Toompea hill you’ll find the Toompea castle built from the 13th until the 14th century and on top of its turret known as the Tall Hermann you can see the “first” national flag of Estonia. The castle houses the Estonian parliament called “Riigikogu”.

For the whole family a fun and gripping day is guaranteed at the Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum where visitors can step back in time and take a look at ancient Estonian farm buildings and see what life was alike in local villages from the17th until the 20th century. At the museum visitors are welcome to try horseback riding on the village roads between old houses and windmills, learn something new at the Kuie village school and enjoy a hearty meal at the Kolu inn. Nearby the Open Air Museum you are welcome to visit the Tallinn Zoo to take a walk, enjoy the nature, take a closer look at various animals and participate in numerous events.

The sights also worth visiting are the Kumu Art Museum and the Kadriorg Palace and its beautiful Park with many sculptures and ponds. Fresh sea breeze can be enjoyed on Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and by walking by the Russalka monument to Pirita where you can look around at the local monastery complex, walk in the beautiful pine forest and stroll on the beach.