A Treasure Deep in the Heart of Nuremberg

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Nuremberg Christmas Market

It´s nearly noon. The sugary sheen of the cobblestones in Nuremberg´s Hauptmarkt, the central market square, cause synapses to fire off in my brain and alert me to the danger of slipping. I should tread cautiously, I miss the cue and my legs fly out from under me. Somewhere between “Brace yourself!” and “Oh this could hurt”, church bells echo out melodiously across the square. Though well timed, the bells of the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) were not intended to provide a soundtrack to my seemingly choreographed fall. Rather, it is has been their duty since 1509 to announce punctually the arrival of midday for tourist and local alike. Thud! Anyone gazing from the windows of the Hotel Am Schönen Brunnen would have a perfect view of my arms and legs flailing in mid-air, however, they are probably fixed upon another wonder. The king himself Charles IV, emerges from the church clock bedecked in finery becoming that of the Holy Roman Emperor, his cortège in service parading around him.

The Männenleinlauf, the churches clock, has held court over Nuremberg´s main square for centuries ceremoniously communicating the midday hour. The clock with a wooden statue of the king as its centrepiece and indeed the church itself have borne witness to a great deal of history in the last 500 years, from the feast of farmer´s markets´ to the famine of a city left unrecognisable by allied bombardment. A testament to the triumph of a separate type of wills, the late Gothic church is a reminder of both the bright and dark sides of the city´s history, gone but not forgotten. Nowadays, Charles IV, the prince electors, and the angels adorning the church gaze down upon a city centre renewed by annual international music festivals, massive outdoor art exhibitions, and the famous Nuremberg Christmas Market. When the time has been sufficiently heralded king and court retreat back into the chapel leaving the charms of the city to be explored for oneself, just as soon as I pick myself up of the ground and brush off, of course.

The Hotel Am Schönnen Brunnen offers fantastic views of the main market year round for all occasions, but especially during the magical frosty days and nights of the annual Christmas market. The Christmas market begins on the first Sunday of advent and runs until the 23rd of December.


The Best Reasons to Visit Essen, Germany


Essen, the city, which strikes a fine harmony between Mother Nature’s bounty and cosmopolitan urban life, welcomes all to savor its potpourri of peppy places. From exploring the cathedrals and palatial mansions in the morning to strolling along the luscious lakes in the evenings, the city is a marvelous experience to indulge in. Shopaholics, nature lovers, spiritual seekers, gourmands- the city has something to gratify every type of taste. Take a glimpse at what Essen places before you to unravel to the core.

Essen Cathedral and Treasury

Begin your journey through the beautiful city of Essen by a visit to the Essen Abbey, which had once been proud of being the Collegiate Church, and is today the official throne of the Bishop of Essen. Propped up and strewn in light sandstone, this classic gothic styled hall stand with its head high amidst the city center. Although the church had been reconstructed, you can still behold the intricate west work and the crypt that dates back to the Ottonian era. Behold one of the finest piece of work and the most treasured possession of the church The Golden Madonna of Essen, the Essen sein Schatz. Among the other notable displays are the Christian Candelabrum, the Child Crown of Emperor Otto III.

Siedlung Margarethenhohe

It’s revolutionary housing endeavor of the country in the form of a lush garden city, the Siedlung Margarethenhohe houses 3092 homes along with 935 edifices. Formerly a part of the Ruttenscheid district the area was a gift that came was endowed by Margarethe Krupp on her daughter’s wedding. What makes this stunningly beautiful city stand out from many more of its counterparts situated in various parts of the world is the way the houses are built. You will not find any two houses that resemble each other in their looks and yet, surprisingly there are subtle uniformity in the style and way of portrayal of these edifices. In short, a visit to this place conjures up a highly sophisticated, luscious, well-planned neighborhood that is rarely seen anywhere else.

Zollverein Coal Mine

A World Heritage Site as acclaimed and applauded by the UNESCO, the Zollverein Industrial Complex is a one-of-its-kind in the whole of Germany. A look at this Bahaus styled edifice with a skyrocketing tower and impeccable architectural wonders, will tell you why the complex has been claimed to be the most beautiful and eye-catching of any mine on the globe. A visit to this spectacular site, a fine harmony of arts and science will reveal a number of attractions for tourists to behold and adore. One of the landmark things of interest on the grounds of the coal complex include the Design Zentrum NRW/ Red Hot Design Museum which encompasses an enchanting coal-washing facility.

Old Synagogue

The building that sanctified the Jewish spirit during the pre-war period and formed the major meeting center for them, the Old Synagogue still stands with its charismatic aura, reflecting its former gravity. Serving as an exhibition center for a long time after the war, the edifice is today re-consecrated to its former position as the cultural center, upholding the Jewish legacy.

Villa Hugel

A fine work of art and grandeur is witnessed in the form of the Villa Hugel, a palatial mansion embracing 269 rooms as well as the lush greenery and park that encircles the building. You will be amused to see the technical accouterments that the villa had been harnessed at those times, some of these being water as well as gas systems, centrally heating systems, telephone, electric telegraphic arrangements and the likes. Particularly, significant is the huge central clock that was the major reference clock for the Krupp’s family, who established their zone of comfort and home here.

In Close Communion with Nature

Finally, Essen’s natural surroundings beckon you to savor its enigmatic passion. A tranquil stroll along the Baldeneysee Lake or a relaxing boat ride with a quick visit to the innumerable beer parks will lend your soul with ultimate pleasure.