What a Luxury Cruise Fare Includes

Luxury Cruise
Luxury Cruise

“Cheap luxury cruises” may sound oxymoronic, but they are available. Remember, whereas with other vacations you need to pay for your travel, hotel, food, and entertainment, when you are you are on a cruise, all of these costs are all bundled into one!

Yes, you will have to find a way to get to the cruise ship, but once you are on it, you are set in terms of money. Your cruise ship is your source of travel, and you have already paid for it. And, of course, you will be sleeping on the cruise ship, so you do not have to worry about finding a hotel each place you go to. There are some beautiful, luxurious rooms available on cruise ships. Some of these rooms even have balconies. Continue reading “What a Luxury Cruise Fare Includes”


Best Deals For Hot Spring Resorts in Taiwan

Hot Spring Resorts in Taiwan

Taipei is one of the cities of Taiwan. It is a very good place to holiday in for those who love the action of the big city. Taiwan is a place with a lot of sulfur springs, spas and hotels. One of the popular sulfur pits is Bei Tou. Bei Tou is on top of a mountain near to Yang Ming Mountain National Park. There are a lot of cheap hotels at Bei Tou. Travel agents also like to sell the hot spring resorts at Bei Tou in their vacation packages.

Their hot spring resort is like a chalet, each chalet is three stories high with four bedrooms and a kitchen. There is a basement an each chalet that houses a natural stone tub hot spring. Besides our own personal hot spring, we can enjoy a variety of hot springs at the resort. There are natural hot spring made into a swimming pool like complex with waterfall. There are also hot springs with Jacuzzi built into the hot spring. Continue reading “Best Deals For Hot Spring Resorts in Taiwan”

How To Travel On A Shoestring Budget

People have an irrepressible yen to travel. We painstakingly save money to wayfare at least once a year. We sweat and slave hard and long to sock away some funds to afford that oasis of respite after all. Naturally, we want to have the best for less. We desperately are in constant search for a decent travel package; and we have some comfort requirements that we want to fit into that constricted budget.

With the onslaught of travel websites and online consolidators, searching for a budget travel package has become more of a pain in the neck. Thousands of travel deals are now accessible online that we can book at the click of a mouse. Our task now is to find the best one from a variety of choices that will conform to our budget and points of interest. Continue reading “How To Travel On A Shoestring Budget”

Nasi Goreng, Delicious Food From Indonesia

Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is popular food in Indonesia. Even CNNGo survey pick nasi goreng as one of World’s 50 Most Delicious Food. Nasi goreng served in 5-star luxury hotel, restaurant, also as hawker food. For health and hygiene issue, tourist should try nasi goreng in convenience place. Sometimes, nasi goreng served too spicy. Not everyone can suit with that taste.

Main ingredients of nasi goreng is rice (nasi is Indonesia language for rice). The common seasoning for nasi goreng is blended of garlic, red onion and salt. For spicy taste, chili is commonly used by request. Then rice fried together with a few vegetable oil, seasoning and egg. Nowadays, nasi goreng has so many variation. Sausage, shredded chicken, meat ball, prawn are some side dish which fried together with rice.

Nasi goreng also served with vegetables, such as fresh tomato and cucumber. Kerupuk udang, or light crackers from prawn will complete nasi goreng. Sometimes, nasi goreng served with fresh cabbage. Nasi goreng also common menu in most Indonesian home. This is the smart way to avoid wasting rice. It’s easy to cook and cheap. Sometimes, nasi goreng fried with green mustard.

Nasi goreng commonly served as breakfast menu in Indonesia’s hotels. Perhaps tourist who fly with Indonesia airlines will try this menu in flight to Jakarta. Even the convenience store in Jakarta, such as 7-Eleven, sell frozen nasi goreng. Well, you don’t need to buy this frozen food since nasi goreng is easily bought in Indonesia, especially in town in Java.

In the night, you can try popular hawker to enjoy local taste of nasi goreng. Ask local to get best recommendation. In Jakarta, popular ‘nasi goreng kambing’ (mutton fried rice) can be found at Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta. Its served as food hawker and you can eat in your car. The taste of nasi goreng kambing will suite tourist from Turki or another Arabia country. The mutton is very soft with curry taste all over the rice. Start operate since 1958, now nasi goreng kambing kebon sirih has some branch. You can try it in Pasaraya Grande (Blok M) and 9 walk Bintaro. While eating in pavement is so annoy you, just comes to their branches which more representative.

Another option to try nasi goreng in Jakarta is Nasi Goreng Kemang, located in Kemang area, south of Jakarta. If you come on Friday night, you can enjoy local live music in this place. The restaurant is more representative and served a delicious nasi goreng too. Nasi Goreng Ijo is the favorite menu in this place. Some guest also like Nasi Goreng Buntut too.

Nasi goreng also has local taste and name in every town in Indonesia. Nasi goreng gila commonly popular in Jakarta and Bogor. The food is full of carbohydrate because rice is fried together with noodle. In Cirebon, little town in West Java, nasi goreng gila is well known as otokowok. Nasi goreng Medan has special features with teri medan, a small dried fish which popular in Medan. Nasi goreng from Aceh commonly taste too spicy and full of flavour. In Padang, nasi goreng served with red colour, the original colour of chili. Its mean the soya ketchup didn’t over used and the taste won’t be too sweet. Also nasi goreng Padang looks dry because they only use a few vegetable oil to fry the rice.