Nasi Goreng, Delicious Food From Indonesia

Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is popular food in Indonesia. Even CNNGo survey pick nasi goreng as one of World’s 50 Most Delicious Food. Nasi goreng served in 5-star luxury hotel, restaurant, also as hawker food. For health and hygiene issue, tourist should try nasi goreng in convenience place. Sometimes, nasi goreng served too spicy. Not everyone can suit with that taste.

Main ingredients of nasi goreng is rice (nasi is Indonesia language for rice). The common seasoning for nasi goreng is blended of garlic, red onion and salt. For spicy taste, chili is commonly used by request. Then rice fried together with a few vegetable oil, seasoning and egg. Nowadays, nasi goreng has so many variation. Sausage, shredded chicken, meat ball, prawn are some side dish which fried together with rice.

Nasi goreng also served with vegetables, such as fresh tomato and cucumber. Kerupuk udang, or light crackers from prawn will complete nasi goreng. Sometimes, nasi goreng served with fresh cabbage. Nasi goreng also common menu in most Indonesian home. This is the smart way to avoid wasting rice. It’s easy to cook and cheap. Sometimes, nasi goreng fried with green mustard.

Nasi goreng commonly served as breakfast menu in Indonesia’s hotels. Perhaps tourist who fly with Indonesia airlines will try this menu in flight to Jakarta. Even the convenience store in Jakarta, such as 7-Eleven, sell frozen nasi goreng. Well, you don’t need to buy this frozen food since nasi goreng is easily bought in Indonesia, especially in town in Java.

In the night, you can try popular hawker to enjoy local taste of nasi goreng. Ask local to get best recommendation. In Jakarta, popular ‘nasi goreng kambing’ (mutton fried rice) can be found at Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta. Its served as food hawker and you can eat in your car. The taste of nasi goreng kambing will suite tourist from Turki or another Arabia country. The mutton is very soft with curry taste all over the rice. Start operate since 1958, now nasi goreng kambing kebon sirih has some branch. You can try it in Pasaraya Grande (Blok M) and 9 walk Bintaro. While eating in pavement is so annoy you, just comes to their branches which more representative.

Another option to try nasi goreng in Jakarta is Nasi Goreng Kemang, located in Kemang area, south of Jakarta. If you come on Friday night, you can enjoy local live music in this place. The restaurant is more representative and served a delicious nasi goreng too. Nasi Goreng Ijo is the favorite menu in this place. Some guest also like Nasi Goreng Buntut too.

Nasi goreng also has local taste and name in every town in Indonesia. Nasi goreng gila commonly popular in Jakarta and Bogor. The food is full of carbohydrate because rice is fried together with noodle. In Cirebon, little town in West Java, nasi goreng gila is well known as otokowok. Nasi goreng Medan has special features with teri medan, a small dried fish which popular in Medan. Nasi goreng from Aceh commonly taste too spicy and full of flavour. In Padang, nasi goreng served with red colour, the original colour of chili. Its mean the soya ketchup didn’t over used and the taste won’t be too sweet. Also nasi goreng Padang looks dry because they only use a few vegetable oil to fry the rice.


The Best Cuisine of St Barths

In a place where the clientele are used to only the best, one can be certain that the cuisine will range from the exquisite to the sublime. One such place is Eden Rock St Barths, the luxury resort-hotel that may be the closest thing one would ever get to Fantasy Island.

One look at the regulars of the stylish island of St Barths (assuming, of course, that you could sneak a look, the elite guest list at Eden Rock St Barths) one may wonder just what kind of cuisine would be considered good enough. The answer: the kind of food and wine you will find at the superb restaurants dotting the island. And there is quite a variety – from simple sandwiches to the crowning jewels of haute cuisine. There are around 80 restaurants on the island, all unique but with one thing in common – they serve only the best!

Here are just a few of the restaurants considered the crème de la crème of St Barths’ gastronomic scene.

Sand Bar With Jean Georges
Sand Bar With Jean Georges

Eden Rock St Barths has the distinction of being home to two of the best restaurants on the island. With the famed French chef and restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the helm, both venues boast menus that are nothing short of inspired. The high-quality palates of the elite guests to the island can’t seem to get enough.

The aptly named Sand Bar With Jean Georges, which is right on the beach and open for breakfast and lunch, offers exotic salads, pizza and other wonderfully-crafted fare. The menu is perfectly designed to complement the stunning oceanfront scenery. It is the ideal place to start the day, no matter what time you may get up! The wholewheat pizza with fontina cheese and black truffle is a must-try! Carefully selected wines from around the world make up the extensive wine list and include an oft-recommended organic wine from Alsace.

Le Bête à Z'Ailes
Le Bête à Z'Ailes

On The Rocks With Jean Georges, Eden Rock St Barths’ gourmet dinner venue, is situated high on the rock itself, and offers a menu to match the exquisite views of Baie St. Jean. Similar to his famed Spice Market, the restaurant offers spectacular haute cuisine of the kind that Chef Jean Georges is known for.

Whet your appetite with a salad of grilled octopus, eggplant compote and marinated pepper, followed by a succulent St. Barths lobster in toasted garlic-drawn butter and Thai coleslaw.

For something completely different, yet no less delicious, Le Bête à Z’Ailes, is an eclectic sushi bar that offers superb food and live music. The exquisitely cut sushi is not exactly traditional Caribbean fare, but it’s a dining experience to die for.

With an exceptional sushi menu, sourced from the finest ingredients, it’s one of the few places on the island you’ll find a lively nightlife.