Christmas Travelling in London

The English capital is the largest city in Europe and a major tourist hotspot. With thousands of visitors arriving every day in London from different parts of the world, its streets bustle with visitor activity daily. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure of London, visitors can easily and safely get around the city. The impressive public transportation system offers immense convenience to visitors ensuring that they reach their destination in time. However, visitors must do some research in advance to get apprised with the public transportation system of London so that they do not have to waste time searching their destination. This is especially important during the festival season in the Christmas week when visitor activity remains at its peak.

The yuletide season has already kicked off in London. Christmas lights have been switched on at the various high streets of West End and the whole city is basking in the festive glow. Festivals and fairs are taking place at several places in the city including Royal parks, museums and cultural venues. Music concerts, theatre shows and ice skating are widely taking place around the city due to which all the streets are witnessing a huge rush throughout the day. In these times, the Tube (London’s underground metro railway system) comes as a huge respite for locals and visitors alike. Due to excellent tube connections in central London, visitors can get to their destination easily and on time. However, considering they have to travel to and fro many times a day given their tight schedule of activities and length of their stay, they must get a travel card.

A travel card offers great convenience to visitors as it relieves them of the hassle of standing in the long queues at the tube station ticket windows. Depending upon the length of your stay, get a travel card for three, four or seven days to save money on travelling. In fact, if you are on a long holiday in the city, buy a travel card that offers you unlimited traveling by both bus and tube. You will be able to use this card while travelling in any zone in the city also for the Docklands Light Railway. Your travel card can be your great companion helping you explore the British capital inexpensively.

As your main medium of transportation will be tube, you must always carry a tube map with you. This way, you will not have to waste time asking people about which tube to get and from where to reach a particular place. In fact, buy an A-to-Z London guide as soon as you reach the city.

Even after you travel by tube, you will have to walk a lot to reach the venue of celebration. So, it is advised that you come to London with a lot of enthusiasm to walk around the city. Equally important is to carry a pair or two of comfortable shoes to be able to walk miles in the city.