Daytime Activities in Las Vegas

You probably know Las Vegas primarily for its active nightlife. But when you’re planing a trip to sin city, you’ll undoubtedly want to fill your days with fun activities as well. (You may be very tired after a night out, but it would be such as waste to just sleep all day in Vegas!)

This article will go over a variety of things you can do during the day for very little cost. Many of them are actually free of charge.

Before we get started, though, it’s important to stress the value of forming a clear daily plan, instead of just rolling with the punches and indulging in whatever catches your eye. You need to remember that in Las Vegas, the pricey things to do will be much more obvious and in your face. If you want to save money, you will have a work a little harder to find the discounts. But they are there, so don’t get discouraged! With that said, here are some recommendations of cheap daytime activities

1. Take a trip to a museum.

There are plenty of museums in Las Vegas that have free admission, so you can check out a really cool piece of history without spending a dime. For example, you could try the Neon Museum or the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Natural History. Another fun option is the Pinball Hall of Fame, which offers a really cool look into the history of pinball machines. There are hundreds of machines at the museum for you to check out!

2. Take a Walk on the Strip

This might not sound like a real activity, but taking a leisurely stroll down the Vegas strip is one of the most entertaining ways to spend a few daylight hours. Taking in all the sights and sounds of all the hot spots on the strip is a very fun experience, and it has a different character during the day. The best part of this is that you clearly won’t have to pay anything to take a walk in public!

3. Check Out Free Attractions at Hotels

The major hotels on the strip all offer very cool attractions that you can check out for free, which can be a great way to spend an hour or two during your day. The Bellagio has a Conservatory and Botanical Gardens; the MGM Grand has a Lion Habitat; Caesar’s Palace offers an impressive fountain; and Mandalay Bay has a Shark Reef. (Other hotels have other attractions.)

This article has presented just a couple ideas for how to spend your daytime hours in Las Vegas without spending much money, if any at all. But there are also plenty other activities you can do, including traveling to Las Vegas Chinatown or hiking at the Red Rocks Canyon.

And all in all, if you have an active night planned, don’t feel too bad about sneaking in an hour or two of sleep; just don’t nap the entire day away!